If I used it in class I’ll post it here.

****Building a Great LinkedIn Profile****

Building a Great Student Profile great handout on the 10 best/main points to building a good LinkedIn profile

****Letter to a Freshmen****

This was passed along to me, and I have used it for all my freshmen. You can print it, email it, or just post it on your office door but I have been told its been very impactful for my students. Author Anonymous.

letter to a college freshman


A full semester’s worth of important dates: Fall Semester 2015 Academic Planner

I absolutely love Scattered Squirrel’s printable planner sheets. The ones below are the ones I recommended to my students, but you can find tons more on her site: http://scatteredsquirrel.com/printable/personal-planner/

Seriously its great stuff!

SS dailytodo SS Daily-To-Dos

SS My-weeklytodos

SS no-times-daily-planner

SS Two-page-blank

SS week timed

SS week21

****Our Book****

The book for this class is the same one used for all sections of Academic Foundations and it was developed in house by the staff who run the AF program. Our students order it thru our on campus bookstore.

You can find more information about our AF program here.

****Our CANVAS Site****

This class also utilizes CANVAS (similar to Blackboard) like most other universities. The CANVAS classes are auto populated with students as they register and the AF office provides assignments, handouts, and modules to instructors to help them build their classes so that the core academic foundations curriculum is consistent across sections. The majors specific sections often take these assignments and add a little twist (as I did) or they can add other modules to expose students to the major and career paths tied to that major. I have not added their handouts and flyers and assignments to this page since I do not own those materials. But feel free to contact the program at the link above for more information regarding those.